How to Choose Men’s Swim Shorts That Are Comfortable and Durable

There are many options when it comes to buying swim shorts. Various materials are available, including Merino wool, nylon, Spandex, and polyester. If you want to buy a pair of men’s swim shorts that are comfortable and durable, read on to learn about the different options and what makes them unique. In addition to fabrics, the length of your swim shorts should also be a consideration. Ultimately, a well-fitting pair will increase your enjoyment of the water.


Merino wool

French swimwear brand Vilebrequin has introduced a new collection of sustainable Merino wool swim shorts. In collaboration with the Woolmark Company, the brand has created a capsule collection dedicated to the playful application of swimsuit tailoring. The company’s expertise in making swimwear is used in designing these swim shorts, which are made in 32 steps. It gives the shorts a clean, crisp design for the season.


While many swimsuits are available today and are made of synthetic materials, a few are made of wool. While some of these are fashionable, the primary purpose of a swimsuit is to shed water and dry quickly. Very rarely are they considered works of art. One recent brand, Outerknown, introduced the Woolaroo Swim Trunks. Their shorts are perfect for swimming and even feature a secure zippered back pocket for your keys.



While most swim trunks are made from polyester, some brands use recycled polyester. These polyester-based swim shorts are durable and stylish but have a lower impact on the planet. In addition, some brands use a blend of polyester and elastane, which is more rigid and form-fitting than standard polyester. These shorts are typically reserved for competitive swimming. They provide UV protection and allow the swimmer to glide through the water without getting caught in the mesh.


Made from Italian recycled polyester, these men’s swim shorts protect you from chlorine and UV rays. They also feature a breathable micro-mesh lining. Their sleek, tailored leg line is enhanced with side slits, a key pocket, and double black lacquered eyelets. In addition, the shorts come in a wide variety of colours and sizes. So whether you’re looking for something fun, colourful, or practical, you’ll find the right pair of polyester swim shorts for your next vacation.



If you love the beach but can’t seem to find a good pair of swim shorts, look no further than nylon. This material is highly water-resistant, the fastest-drying of all materials, and comfortable to wear. In addition, its high elasticity and glossy finish make it a versatile choice for swimwear. Although nylon isn’t UV-resistant, it is very comfortable to wear and works well with various vibrant colours.


Another great option is a pair of quick-dry nylon cargo swim shorts. These shorts feature several pockets, hook-and-loop closures, and a hidden cell phone pocket. These shorts also look like regular cargo shorts for men. The shorts’ nylon fabric makes them very durable and fast-drying, and they have a functional zip fly and a ruched back for added comfort.



Spandex swim shorts are made of nylon and spandex materials. This combination is more form-fitting and rigid than the standard type. In addition, they offer UV protection and do not always come in the shiny finish that other styles do. These shorts are most commonly used by competitive swimmers and provide full coverage to the leg and thighs. These shorts are also available in a wide range of colours. If you’re looking for the most comfortable shorts, try one made from a nylon-spandex blend.


Mesh inserts

Men who dislike the feel of mesh liner in swim shorts sometimes cut them. Often, this causes an uncomfortable fit and chafing. In addition, this can lead to embarrassing moments. To avoid this problem, consider buying swim shorts with ultra-soft inner mesh lining. There are many advantages to choosing these swim shorts. This article explains some of the benefits of mesh lining. So, whether you are a man who likes to wear shorts without the net or prefer the feel of mesh, check out our guide to mesh liner in swim shorts.