The Adelaide Hills Medical Centre

The Adelaide Hills medical centre is well-equipped with a good emergency room and doctors’ surgery wings. The doctors are experienced and trained for the different types of patients. There are pediatricians, emergency room doctors, surgeons, psychiatrists, radiologists, and more. The Adelaide Hills medical centre is available for patients of all ages and can accept all forms of payment, including health insurance. So whether you’re a new patient or have been to a medical facility before, you can get the care you need at a reasonable cost. For professional Adelaide Hills medical centre services, visit Stirling Clinic now. 

Quality of care

Adelaide Hills medical centreAside from providing quality medical services, the Adelaide Hills Medical Centre also offers a community health clinic. Staffed by medical professionals trained in treating various ailments, the community health clinics are a great place to get care for people suffering from a variety of conditions. The medical centre also provides nursing care and facilitates home visits. Its staff is compassionate and knowledgeable, ensuring patients are given the utmost attention.

The Stirling Clinic Adelaide Hills Medical Centre is an excellent choice if you want a clinic that provides quality medical care in a comfortable and convenient environment. The doctors are highly skilled and experienced in their fields. The staff is friendly and accommodating, and the clinic accepts most major insurance plans. If you have insurance, you can even take advantage of its 24-hour emergency room. This medical centre has several locations throughout the Adelaide Hills area.


The Mt Barker South Medical Centre is the latest Better Medical clinic to join the Adelaide Hills area. This centre provides general practice and allied health services located on Churchill Road in Prospect. Close to bus stop 12, it is accessible to residents of Enfield and Prospect. It has ample off-street parking. Its doctors and allied health practitioners offer patients a wide range of services. The Adelaide Hills Medical Centre has several locations to suit your needs. For professional Adelaide Hills medical centre services, visit Stirling Clinic now. 


While the main cost for a visit to an Adelaide Hills medical centre is the consultation fee, there are additional costs for supplies and other services. These include vaccinations, skin biopsy, removal of skin tags, diathermy, venesection, and pregnancy tests. Additional services are available, including over-75’s health assessments, team care arrangements, and GP management plans. Please contact reception for more information. For questions about these costs, call 7099 5320.

Doctors’ specialties

The doctors at Adelaide Hills medical centre are diverse, and their range of services and specialities reflect this diversity. While most of them provide primary care for all ages, some specialise in a specific area of medicine. Dr Michael Abbott, for example, is a consultant anaesthetist at Adelaide Anaesthetic Services, a private practice that employs 45 specialist anaesthetists and provides anaesthetic care to more than 60,000 patients across the state each year.

Dr Tudor Lucking graduated from the University of Adelaide in 2007 and has worked in many different specialties within the hospital system before beginning his GP training. In 2014, he became a FRACGP and was particularly interested in skin cancer medicine, particularly early diagnosis and treatment. When he is not working in medical practice, Tudor enjoys mountain biking and hiking with his family in the Adelaide Hills.

Emergency room

Located in the heart of Mt Barker South, the Emergency room at Adelaide Hills medical centre is a welcoming, convenient place to receive healthcare. The Adelaide Hills Medical Centre has recently welcomed Dr Joanna McLeod as the team’s newest member. Dr McLeod brings years of experience in acute care to the Adelaide Hills area. She is a board-certified emergency physician who has worked in the UK and the US. She is committed to providing the best patient experience possible.

The emergency room at Adelaide Hills Medical Centre is one of many convenient options for those seeking medical care in the area. The doctors at this comprehensive medical centre are highly skilled and experienced. The medical staff is friendly and attentive to patients’ needs. Many major insurance plans are accepted, and the centre is happy to accommodate patients with different levels of income and insurance plans. For your convenience, appointments are available in advance, and the emergency room is always open.

The Adelaide Hills Medical Centre

The Adelaide Hills Medical Centre is one of the five regional hospitals in the state. It offers a wide range of medical services and is housed in a historic hospital, the Stony Brook University Hospital, which was one of the first medical colleges to create a medical school. The Adelaide Hills Medical Centre employs several physicians and accepts appointments anytime. This means you don’t have to be concerned about your symptoms or worry about having to wait for an appointment. For professional Adelaide Hills medical centre services, visit Stirling Clinic now.